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Recensement: la population galloise a le taux le plus bas de croissance de sa population. (11 juillet 2017)


Wales' population has risen by 14,100 to 3.113 million, according to the latest figures.

Office for National Statistics data, for June 2016, shows a 0.5% increase compared to 2015.

As a percentage, it is the lowest of the home nations and overall, the UK population rose by 538,000 to 65,648,000 with net migration accounting for 336,000, or 62.4%.

Since 2006, Wales' population has risen by 4.3%, again the lowest in the UK.

UK-wide, more births and fewer deaths made up 35.8% of the rise and 2016 saw the highest increase since 1947 when a surge of births after World War Two saw the population spike by 551,000.













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